More Successes

I think I was on post overload when we returned from our camping trip. Still, I managed to omit a couple of good camping tips.


Does this look familiar?

Probably not, unless you’re a seasoned camper reading all the camping blogs you can find. This is certainly not your typical door decor for a camping trailer-not that there is a typical decor for a camper door. But this worked! I swear it did! I would not have believed it had I not tried it for myself.

A simple baggie filled with water and a few pennies will keep the flies away. Don’t ask me why. That may fall under rocket science category, I don’t know. What I do know is that I saw flies gathering on the screen door. I remembered seeing this trick somewhere on the www…odds are it was Pinterest. I had a bag and a few extra pennies, so why not experiment? Not a single fly entered our camping trailer through the front door. We did have one fly inside but it came in when Saint opened the storage space at the other end of the trailer. All the flies that had gathered by the front door disappeared like…well, flies.

Don’t believe me? You try it, and let me know your results.

Oh, and I’ll get to the other success in the next post.