Organizing in Your RV or Camping Trailer

I am always on the hunt for organizational ideas for our camping trailer. My latest find… total cost = $4 + tax. Yep, for the price of a gourmet coffee, you can save yourself  a bit of precious space, time, and effort. Here are the four items I purchased at the Dollar Tree for a buck apiece.

1. Drying Mat


This works better for me than a plastic rack. It takes up very little space on a counter or a sink shelf, dries quickly, and can be folded and put away in the linen cabinet or drawer. Honestly, I don’t use my stove inside the camper much because we like to cook outside, so I usually just place this on the stove burners. The vented shelf over the burners helps it dry even quicker.

2. A lightweight plastic coated hanger shelf


This comes with small screws, but is so lightweight that it could be hung with industrial strength velcro strips, depending upon what you are hanging on it. Hung by the door, it is great for keys, note pads, jewelry, pocket sized flashlights, and any other things you want to grab as you go out.


In the kitchen, it can hold utensils behind the stove, pot holders, tea towels and dish cloths.

Bathroom towels, damp socks, and other items from the bath and bedroom can be hung up, as well.

3. Mesh Laundry Basket

Look at this! It just pops right up.

DSC00018 DSC00016 DSC00017

It starts out flat, and returns to the flat position when you are finished. The amount of space it takes up is completely minimal. I just spray it off with Lysol and store it in the linen cabinet with the towels and sheets; so much better than the black plastic trash bag that would begin to smell after a few days. The mesh allows things to continue to dry thoroughly and breathe. It has ribbon handles and is not the sturdiest piece of equipment you will find, but it will last an entire camping season for us.

4.Aluminum pans with lids.


Admittedly, I don’t usually buy foil pans. I save them from graham cracker pie crusts. I’m all about freebies, reuse, and upcycle. Foil pans are a staple for camping. They stack, are lightweight, can be washed and used again, and I don’t feel badly about crumpling one up when it has been charred or would be too hard to clean and using it to clean the grill grates. I only buy them (three for a dollar) when I need the lids. Sometimes I cook things that need a bit more stability than a foil packet and find these to be more economical and a little more environmentally friendly than using an entire roll of foil.

Make a trip to your local Dollar Tree and let me know what you find that makes your life easier on the road or at the campgrounds. They have plastic egg protectors, covered bowls and storage containers of all sizes, clotheslines and clothespins, candles, in addition to my four faves.

Right now, it is 20 degrees outside. Planning and organizing for our next adventure keeps my mood in check. Happy camping!