On the road to Duluth

Before I began blogging, we took our first over the road trip from Missouri to Duluth, Minnesota in our little travel trailer. I guess I should give her a name; I see that most of you seasoned campers do. At any rate, it was quite an experience towing on the interstate for the first time…not always pleasant, but worth the learning curve the very first night.

Midwest Living Magazine has some wonderful features on places to visit in that area, and one that I had torn out and filed in my travel bucket list folder was on Stillwater, MN. The photo of this serene, quaint, little town was exquisite, but up close and personal, it was beyond picturesque.


We planned this as a stopover on the way to Duluth, but I advise you, if you are planning a trip anywhere near there, schedule a few days in the area. We had little time to explore the darling shops and restaurants downtown.


The big bonus was the campground I had selected sight unseen; Willow River State Park Campground in either Minnesota or Wisconsin, or both. The sites we chose were tucked into the trees, quiet and secluded. That alone would have made it a great place, but, in the morning, we took the hiking path to this beautiful place.

DSC00152                    DSC00147

We traveled on to Duluth where we stayed in Indian River  Campground on the outskirts of the city and near the St Louis River Basin. Mediocre is an adequate word for it, but it gave us time to settle in and check out the attractions. The North Shore area of Lake Superior was gorgeous, with many natural attractions other than the Great Lake, itself. We stayed a couple of nights there, and, even though the campground was not pretty, I could have used a few more nights  to explore the Lake Superior shores and bluffs. Here are a couple of North Shore treats:

DSC00193          DSC00205

When we left Indian Campgrounds, we moved south to Moose Lake for a night. The site there was relaxing, pretty, and more like the campgrounds we are accustomed to in MO and AR. But don’t expect to catch the big fish, there unless you have a boat. It’s a very small lake.

DSC00221    DSC00222

Another surprise on the way out of the area was Taylor Falls. Again, we could have spent an entire week seeing all the sights. The first picture is the paddle wheel boat tour, the second is the amazing Pothole trail…we certainly encountered our share of pot holes (from the extreme weather, I’d imagine) on the MN highways, but these were a different sort. Google them and read about them, and then go visit. Amazing!




I highly recommend camping in the MN/WI area. That is a serious lot of beauty in a seven day trip. I suggest stretching it to three weeks!