DIY Camper Canisters

We’re getting ready for the deep freeze here in SW Missouri, and a friend of mine saw the camping trailer by the garden and asked why we were here. Good question! Commitments and holidays, I guess. That doesn’t mean we’re not dreaming and preparing for camping and traveling. In fact, my Christmas gifts included a large cutting board to cover the stove and a turbo convection toaster oven…both for the camper. I also got several items to help better organize my cabinets, and one of the things I want to do is free up more cabinet space for groceries. To that end, I decided to get some of my staples out of the cabinet. I looked for canisters others were using and didn’t see anything that struck my fancy. They were all too heavy, too breakable, or too plain.

Well, Saint is such a hoarder collector, it was no surprise that we had a couple of the old, small metal coffee cans with lids. Perfect. I also had a piece of chalkboard scrap book paper and some sisal rope.

DSC00086The paper was not quite large enough to totally cover two cans, but I cut the height to fit, which left me with strips to cover the bare space where the paper didn’t touch. These don’t look perfect in back, but not bad at all, and who sees the back side?

TDSC00087I used both the Tacky Glue and hot glue on the first one, but I noticed the trails of hot glue were showing up under the paper. The Tacky glue appeared to be adhesive enough on its own, so I used it alone on the second can.

DSC00088The result matched my chalkboard painted refrigerator. But it needed something to compliment the shabby nautical decor. What better than sisal rope? I hot glued a couple of rows around the bottom with plans to add a row at the top until I found that it interfered with the closing of the lid. I also planned to use chalk to identify the contents, but I decided on a more permanent silver marker.


DSC00091I need one more for corn meal. You know, a staple for fishermen. 😉 And with a bit of velcro on the bottom, they will be removable for winter, but secure enough to travel when we’re ready.

These canisters are just the size I need, they are kind of cute, and best of all, they are TOTALLY FREE!

And that is how we roll…