How to Make No Mess/No Cleanup Camping Meals

Sometimes I like to fuss with camping meals. When it’s raining or the fish aren’t biting and there’s nothing better to do, I’ll work on a new recipe or spend some time preparing a big meal, but mostly, I’m all about the easy stuff. I still want it to taste great, but I want it fast and over so we can move on.

We camped in late winter-almost early spring this year and we needed a fire. But I wanted to enjoy the fire and the warmth without having to stand over the Coleman cook stove making breakfast. This was a perfect time to try the “no clean up” breakfast I’d been pondering.

It started with a couple of oranges. I cut away the top and scooped out all the pulp and juice and saved for the clean up breakfast oranges unwrapped

Once the oranges were empty, I opened a can of cinnamon rolls and placed one in each of the oranges. I replaced the top, wrapped each in foil, and put them on the grate over the open fire. Saint had raked hot coals under the grate and the wood outside the grate was still flaming.

no clean up breakfast oranges wrapped

Next, I took an empty tin can (I try to keep a couple of empty BPH free cans in the camper. You will be surprised at how often you can use them…dumping grease, holding water to sprinkle on too hot coals) and filled it 2/3 full of water. I added two eggs and then poured in more water to cover the eggs. I placed them on the grate closer to the flame. They were boiling in no time. In fact, it took less time for Saint’s soft boiled eggs than it does on the stove at home, so these were a little less soft than he likes.

I then put him to work on the bacon. Onto the hot dog roaster fork, I threaded six slices of bacon. Saint held the fork over the fire. I knew this would work because I had done it before, but luck would have it, Saint got it a little close to the flame, so there were no complaints about my overcooked eggs.

no clean up breakfast cooking

father daughter blog bacon

I don’t have a picture of the finished product because, well, it was ugly wasn’t pretty plus a neighboring camper visited all through the cooking process and finally asked what we were doing. I explained we were having a no mess/no clean up breakfast, and he told me his wife just made scrambled eggs in the microwave. Well, sure, but how much fun was that? He had knocked the wind right out of my sails, so I didn’t dare take a picture lest he think it was some big deal or something.

At any rate, breakfast was somewhat successful. The cinnamon rolls were a little doughy as it is hard to judge the doneness over an open fire. The eggs and bacon were a little too done. The meal was much better than a rubbery scrambled egg from the microwave. With a little tweaking, I think it will be perfect. And best of all, there really was zero clean up! I didn’t even need to wipe the table.

Next post, I promise a meal that was a bit more work, but so worth it!