Seriously, Camping in Tennessee


Our view…not our boat. I wish. We pulled the trailer and not the boat, so our fishing was hampered. But, our destination was a family reunion in Kentucky and thought we’d check out some different campgrounds along the way. We drove around Paris Lake Campgrounds, but I had researched another in the Land Between the Lakes area, and we were very happy that we continued on the six extra miles to Piney Campgrounds in Tennessee. This was a large, well-managed facility. And these folks take their camping SERIOUSLY. Take a look at some of these set ups.

DSC00012     DSC00014   DSC00023   DSC00016

Porch swing.                             Palm tree.                                    Gardening                                             Glamping.

DSC00018 And the cutest little log cabins. Our camping neighbors had an air conditioned pop up camper with all the outdoor kitchen amenities. I coveted his cast iron collection as he explained that he would have homemade peach cobbler ready soon. He shared his recipe:

2 Large cans peaches with juice

1 dry white cake mix

1 stick of butter

Pour peaches into dutch oven, sprinkle with cake mix, dot with butter and put the lid on. He had a nice bed of coals ready, placed the dutch oven on them, and placed some of the coals on top of the lid. He said a flat lid was a must. I could hardly wait to see it because I had tried a similar recipe our first night there, without the nice cast iron pan. Here is the yummy result of neighbor’s efforts:

DSC00040 I forgot to mention lining the pan with foil. It smelled sooo good. He offered to share, but we had just eaten. A lot.

Now, here is the recipe and ingredients I used.

1 can cherry pie filling

1 package muffin mix (I used triple berry)

1 stick of butter.

Really close, huh? But, I used two recycled aluminum pie tins. (Always save aluminum pie tins for camping. They are practically weightless. I poured the pie filling into the bottom pan, sprinkled the muffin mix on, and dotted with butter. I placed the other pie tin on top and crimped the edges. I added another layer of heavy duty foil, just in case it ran over.

DSC00031   DSC00033DSC00034

I may have cooked it a bit longer than necessary, but Saint and I ate every bite of it!

So, even if you don’t have state of the art camping equipment, or a very nice camping neighbor, you can still have a home made dessert. Give it a try.

Next post, I’ll share a couple of other recipes we made along the way…and something you trailer campers might want to watch out for. 😦

DSC00001 And, the updates on what I did with the leftover drop cloth fabric from the privacy curtain.

Stay tuned.