Best Time to Decorate and Organize your Travel Trailer or RV

What do college students and campers have in common? BACK TO SCHOOL SALES! When you think about it, dorm life and trailer life are similar:

  • You have a small space in which to fit everything you need.
  • There is never enough storage.
  • You want the decor to be pleasant.
  • You eat a lot of snack food.
  • There’s always a little work to be done, but mostly, life’s a party

And since department and box stores don’t run huge sales for camping…well maybe around Memorial Day and Fourth of July you can get good buys on sleeping bags and charcoal, but for the most part, August is our best friend. Practically everything you need to organize and update your camping trailer is on sale in late July and early August. You just need to look for the back-to-school sales.

Here is an example of how I organized my entire trailer medicine cabinet with one “gym buddy” hanger.


Before, I thought I was being very organized when I put cosmetics, lotions, razors, etc. in little disposable Glad bowls with lids. I had about 3 of them in the cabinet above the bedroom sink, and I also had toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, bandages, and headache tablets loose on the shelves. The trouble was not so much that they moved around when we were traveling…although they did. The problem was that I could never remember which little bowl to open for which product, and as sure as I opened one, I found one thing I needed, but had to open the others to find the rest. Pretty soon, I had everything scattered around the sink and had to put it all back again. I always put the toothbrushes and toothpaste in a holder and left it out. Then, when it was time to travel, I needed to arrange everything back inside the cabinet. With the gym buddy, there is a ZIPPERED space for everything.


Once I got everything in and zipped up, I folded it and placed it on ONE shelf. Just one, mind you. Now, when I arrive at the campground, I will take the gym buddy out of the cabinet and hang it over the back of the bathroom door. Voila! Everything at our fingertips. No more digging through plastic tubs, and no more hunting for things that might have slid to the back of the cabinet shelves. Plus, there are still two empty shelves for the hair dryer and larger items. Genius!


Here it is. Can you believe all the stuff I used to have on three shelves now fit compactly into this one space? My professors would be proud. 😉

So, while I was thinking about it, I looked at all the online back to school sales and found a gazillion things that trailers need…all on sale!

Comforter sets-lightweight and fun sets for $39.00-Perfect for an RV bed.

Throw rugs

collapsible bowl sets

Pop up mesh hamper

Bamboo cooking utensil set

Micro plush throws-perfect for those hammocks and lawn chairs by the campfire.

Closet cubicles and storage bins

Space bags


Shoe storage hangers


Brooms and mops

Anti-bacterial wipes



I could go on and on, but I suddenly have the urge to shop. Go check out those back to school sales and let me know how you use them in your camping experience.