Made in the Shade

teardrop camper

She’s a bit camera shy and asked not to be in the photos, but this girl’s got it made! We first met at Indian Creek Campground near Beaver Lake when we were all trying to get in a last weekend camping trip before the park closed for the season. She camped alone in the site next to ours, and enjoyed every minute of it. I was so impressed with her set-up and her independence that I went home wishing I’d taken a picture. So what are the odds that, when the spring season started this year, we would end up in a completely different campground camping side by side, again?

The little Teardrop Camper is adorable, and while I would love to show you the interior, I chose to respect her privacy there are some things even I won’t ask. But that adorable rug speaks volumes as to what’s inside.

teardrop table

And look at the portable grill and the way she organizes everything.

teardrop chair

The compact chair. And did I mention she builds her own fires? And brings her bike?

I’ll bet you’re expecting a red car, aren’t you? Or maybe white? Think Americana. Or nautical.

teardrop car

Uh-huh! She totes, loads, and paddles her own kayak. Her kids are grown, she’s on her own, and she’s taking advantage of every minute of her life…reading, visiting with other campers, sitting by the fire, hiking, biking, and rowing. Are you inspired? Or just plain jealous?

I was so excited to post this that I’m putting my brilliant breakfast post on hold until next time.

Happy camping!

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